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In April 2015 Uttermost Witness took it's first trip of the year to the island of Manono. Uttermost ministries staff held a 3 week Bible School where many were saved, healed, and taught faith for the first time in their lives. We are reaching the Uttermost Parts of the world!! All the Glory to God! 

There are always projects going on for Uttermost Ministries. The most recent one, stateside, was filling up a container to ship to Samoa because it's hard to get stuff there. I was so excited to help out with this project since I'm stateside and can't help with some awesome things going on there! It's always a blessing to serve. The good news is it has arrived about 3 weeks after we sent it off! The children's ministry got some much needed new equipment due to flooding that happened a few years back. They were so excited and happy, new toys, tables, and more! We couldn't have been able to send this without our partners! 

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