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Taking the step of faith!

So if you haven't all heard I will be setting off, once again, for Samoa to help out in the accounting department for Uttermost Ministries in September!!!! Taking these trips are always a step of faith, and this time it's a big step. Ever have that feeling that you are going to be just like wow, amazed at what God is going to do and ask you to do? Well that's how I'm feeling.

It's all kinds of feelings really that arise: excitement, nervousness, scared, ecstatic, like is this really happening right now?, a dream come true, and yet knowing all the while it's what God wants you to do. All in one, it can be quite crazy if you let it. But faith tells me, "It's all going to be just fine and better than I expected". And in the midst of it all, I'll be getting answers to questions I've been asking Him, but the BEST of all helping people, loving people, and so much more!!!! FAITH: it's what keeps me holding everything holding together, along with HOPE.

No matter what may be going on in my life or around me, I just know everything is going to be all right. :)

Even with what's going on in the world,(let's face it, it's chaotic!) I know that good things are still ahead. Faith sees what you don't see with your physical eye, and that my friends, is the journey and excitement of life, you have to enjoy the ride. If we knew all that was going to happen how could we depend on God? How could we learn to trust God? How could we even go beyond what we thought we can do if we see it? To me, that doesn't sound so fun. It rather sounds easy, boring, and a little robotic. So really we should be taking up the challenge to trust God and watch Him do incrediable things through us as we do our part! Learning more about Him, having a relationship with Him, doing what He directs us to do and doing what He tells us NOT to do; we find these things by studying His Word and by spending time with Him.

So what are you waiting for????? Take the step of faith! Even if it's going to church for the first time in forever or ever or doing the one thing that is a huge desire in your heart and it just won't go away........God wants you to have an abundant life, He doesn't want you to be afraid of Him, so take the step, trust Him, trust that He is good, get to know Him, and well your life will be totally rocked!!!! But you have to do your part first!

Go ahead and take the step!

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