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Starting 2015 out right Dare to be Rare!!!

As the new year begins, most begin to seek God on what He has in store for us this year. He gives Words to His people, words that many will hang onto all year especially when they are going through hard times.

As I reflect back on 2014, wow lots of things have happened. I finished college at Rhema Bible Training College, I went to Samoa and lived there for a month, I got to spend time with family and friends for the holidays, moved 3 times (in the same area), and many more incrediable things! God is truly so good! I just couldn't have made it without Him by my side. The last thing I can say about 2014 is it was quite the transitioning season for me and really it still is. Transitioning season is not the most fun which I'm sure you have experienced yourself. Though it's been hard, it's been easy or I could say right. It's time for me to grow even more.

So what everyone is asking themselves when a new year begins, how is this year going to go for me? Honestly for me, I have NO CLUE!!! Sure it makes me squirm, makes me just want to be like ok I don't know what I'm doing with my life and cry about it, but I know what I am to focus on this year for now.........yep it's time for that word God told me personally.....and that my friend is focusing on being faithful.

A lot of people including me think we know what being faithful is, but we only know in part (not to sound religious or anything, but I don't know all of it, I'm only 22, I'm still young). Not just this general watered down faithful, but being faithful in every area of my life. God has dealt with me a little bit before about this faithfulness thing a few months before the new year, but He has brought it clearer to me in just the past couple days.

Being faithful means.....

  • To be true, certian, firm, permenant, reliable.

  • To be trusted, consistently dependable in character, performance or result.

  • Being there. Can be counted on.

My desire is to be faithful, relied on, counted on in the positions and places I am right now. At the moment some of those places are assisting Uttermost Ministries stateside, working my job at the grocery store, working for a shake shop, and just enjoying life by living it to the fullest. Not doing things with some kind of attitude whether bad or good, but doing it with excellence, joy, and faithfulness in my heart. Things are going to come, but I'm going to do what God told me to do NO MATTER WHAT! Because He has relied on me, counted on me to do what He has asked me to do.

Faithful is a bigger word than we think and it DOES matter. It doesn't matter what anybody else says, but what God says. Being faithful is doing what you are told to do. It's not working the hardest or anything else it's simply doing what you were told to do and not quitting or shrugging the whole thing off.

If you say I don't know how to be faithful well, take a look at Ruth in the Bible. She was counted and made it in the Bible because of her faithfulness. She stayed with her mother in-law even though there was really no benefit in it for her. She was faithfully by Naomi's side; Naomi could count on her.(Ruth 1:1-22) Later on we see Ruth is in the lineage of David! (Ruth 4:13-22) Just imagine what could happen to you if you are faithful with the right motive! Not to get anything out of the whole thing, but simply to be a blessing! God knows where your heart is at and if it's not there make the changes needed, let the Lord work on your heart.

So I encourage you today to get up, and do something because you sure can't be faithful doing nothing, it just doesn't work that way. God is NOT in need of skill or talent, but He's in need of faithful people. People He can tell "hey give $10 to this person", or "hey go support this missionary", or "go hug and love on that person", or "tell this person they are not alone". So will you be willing to take the step of faith and BE FAITHFUL?! Faithfulness is rare to find and come by. I DARE YOU TO BE RARE!

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